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Het Werk
My name is Frans Buddelmeijer and I normally live in the Netherlands. I have been a maths teacher at the Grotius College in Delft for 28 years and have unpaid leave for two years to work as a volunteer in Eritrea. From September 2004 till July 2006 I live and work in Eritrea, in a place called Adi Keyeh, 100 km south-east of the capital Asmara. I am working here as a volunteer, arranged by VSO, an international organisation.
My job is to improve the quality of teaching in the Junior Schools around the city of Adi Keyeh and to maintain a small Pedagogical Resource Centre which has been build up recently. To improve the quality of teaching I travel around in the area to visit the schools and to organise workshops about teaching. My main focus will be on mathematics and science.
If you are interested you are welcome to write me an email at frans@buddelmeijer.nl and I will try to answer you, depending on the internetfacilities in Eritrea.
(c) 2004 Frans/Hugo Buddelmeijer